Wednesday, May 04, 2005

melancholic side of me

23 years old...

I dreamt about the time when I would get married. Not too young, and not too old to see my grandchildren. A lovely princess in a white satin gown, looking deeply into her groom’s eyes. A gaze.. and it tells everything. So pure...

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Chinese New Year. I’ve been asked again and my relatives.
And so again, … and again, I would put on by best smile as an answer.

I am drowned.


A more realistic side of me realized… Am I? Am I ready? Am I still hanging on? Am I living in my own fairytale? So many ‘Am I’, so many question marks… Let ‘em be there!
I don’t want to find out...yet maybe...maybe behind all the walls women have been creating, we are “
waiting to be rescued"...maybe...

A princess in our own fairytale...

Unpremeditated crap off

^ been watching too many movies...
^ been reading too many books...
^ been listening to too many words...
^ been discussing bout too many issues...
^ been feeling too inexplicable...
^ been thinking... too much...

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Monday, May 02, 2005

wish me...

Yosh, tomorrow is my last paper (Introduction to Sociology).
Hope I can do well q(^o^)p
Wish me luck guyz...yeah!!

So, here is my 'personality cocktail' :

How to make a diana dawidson

3 parts intelligence
3 parts crazyiness
3 parts beauty

Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and ENJOY !

Crap off. Gotta prepare to rock the exam hall tomorrow...
you may now leave the page...tha da

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Lately, mom & dad have been going to Karaoke almost every week, or so I think. When mom SMS me, she's more often than not is always at karaoke centre. I am not SURPRISED though. I know mom like singing very much, it is her stress-reliever. But, what startled me is that daddy is now going to karaoke as well. Usually during family gathering, dad would rarely's like once in a million.

But now, since he 'enjoys' (he ought to enjoy lar) karoke session and accompanies my mom, I feel so delighted. & dad should enjoy their life to the fullest, work is work but life isn't just about working. And now, seeing them spending time together, teasing each other...*Ah, what a great life it is ^^

Mom & dad surely feel lonely sometimes. Me, am not by their side. Sis, Dodol Nophie, is not there as well. Only my bro. But he's also busy with his friends and my potential sis-in-law hahaha Soooo, mom & dad are now even closer than ever..I think ^.*

Daddy likes 'ni zai wo xin zhong - teresa deng'. Asked a karaoke singer to sing before. Mom thus learned to sing the song. Sacrifice? or it shouldn't be called sacrifice when mom is happily doing it? maybe...maybe...

No matter what, I am happy for them. I shall be happy for everyone.

Tralalala...let's go for karaoke!!

Are you in? ^o*

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